It is hard to say what China is. I can try to define it as one large specific world one whole entirety. You will understand it, when you pass over hills, walk through hutongs, sit and relax in gardens, pavilions and temples, walk among skyscrapers, visit shopping streets, drink tea and taste food. Every new day there will bring you experiences which will enrich your knowledge and views on this large country, oldest civilization and glorious nation!

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Read about my observations on my trips  and experiences with China and hopefully you will get what I mean. Basically my perception on China (changes, various places, life, tradition and people ) will be here. If you read my story maybe you will understand this great country better and learn something new what you cannot find in media often. I will give you guide about living in China or more specifically in Beijing where I have lived for 5 years. I will tell you how to get used on culture, people, culture, philosophy, legends, history, politics,  find job, stay safe and visit doctor. Except personal experiences and trip stories.

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I will provide you with interesting facts about China such as a bit of history, a lot of culture and tourist destinations, a lot about beliefs, traditions, cuisine, drinks, tea, a lot about philosophy and religion, martial arts, celebrations, customs, holidays and latest travel updates. I want to make here real virtual window into China so just follow me and enjoy it.





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Shanghai Pudong