Beijing is a city that never sleeps.  There are many places where you can hang out during night. Believe me whatever you choose you wont regret. Nightlife is very lively, atmosphere is hot and safety is quite big. Whether you prefer sitting in a pub or a nightclub it doesn’t matter there is choice for everyone.


Sanlitun area is probably the richest nightlife area in Beijing. Except bussiness and shopping buildings and restaurants there are for sure more than 30 bars, pubs and nightclubs that offer you anything you like.  If you like hard parties and expensive clubs they are located in the main Sanlitun Bar on both sides of street. Among famous there is Swing , Keting room, Skyline Berry and Red Moon. Except night dance clubs there are bars where live music is every evening and also strip clubs.  Among famous bars there are Adams, Xuejia and Wainei.  Expect that on such places bottled beer can cost about 50RMB. Also in the main street is located Costa Coffee bar that belongs to Italian chain that offers excellent coffee.


Left side from the  main street there are pubs and clubs that are much cheaper. Among them are Harries bar, Corner Pub, Rong Pub,Apeitivu,, Rock and also chain of bars called: First Floor, Second Floor and Third Floor. My favorite is Second Floor. Beer there is only 15 RMB and in Harries is even 10RMB. They are all located not far from Addidas large store. Also behind Addidas store there are few clubs such as Big Blu, Cocoa Princess, Rock, Pure Girl and Maltail. In this part of Sanlitun there are few coffee shops if you prefer to have coffee, tea or cake in evening. I can recommend , Nespresso and Colibri Bar.



Except that there are also nightclubs, pubs and around Workers Stadium such as Hooters, Vics, Mix, Maan, Metro Cafe, Destination and others.There are also Greys Bark Baohao bar, Booksworm and Nanjie bar located in Sanlitun area near Soho buildings and Diplomatic Compound.  It is best to go and find by yourself what suits you the most. However I can also recommend Happy Beer House if you are great fan of the beer where you can find more than 60 different foreign and Chinese beers. This pub is located right accross Workers Stadium.




Quite good choice of bars and coffee shops is in Wangfujing Shopping Street. It is especially lively in summer when open door bars are available where you can sit drink beer or juice and enjoy.



Schichihai-   During night that place offers you interesting combination of lights and people. This area around lake is chilling out and party area.  It looks really magic: shining bars next to lake and their lights reflected in water.  Some places  are decorated in traditional style like tea houses and in front of them were hanged traditional rounded or oblong red or yellow lanterns. There are many modernly designed pubs and bars with live music. It was very nice to walk here. Bars are expensively and exclusively designed and were full of quite expensively dressed up people. This is perfect romantic place where you  you can sit in a bar next to the shore, enjoy live music and beer. Beer price here is around 50RMB. Also good option is sitting next to lake or on bridge that separates Qianhai and Huohai and you can  watch at stars, moon, lights of bars. You can also rent a wooden boat and have romantic short cruise between lakes. On edges of boats are hanged red lanterns. If you prefer tea house it is great option to enjoy the tea especially on long winter nights to watch frozen lake, and reflection of lights on ice.






If you are a student or budget traveler it is best to hang out at Wudaokou area in Haidian District. It is area very close to major Beijing Universities and campuses for students. There are many bars and clubs where you can find beer for only 10-15RMB and there are so many students not only Chinese but from every part of the world hanging out. If you like young people this is perfect place for you.




This is my experience of lively, friendly and amazing Beijing nightlife atmosphere from June 2013 at Sanltiun.  Me and my friend Xin went to Second Floor. After hard finding of free table we ordered Qingdao beer.  However bar was offering large choice of world famous drinks such as Jack Daniels,  Absolute Vodka, Finlandia,  Johnny Walker,  Heineken,  Captain Morgan, Martini ,various coctails such as Mojito…  I drunk these world famous brands many times in Serbia and Slovakia and I am in China now so I preferred to have most famous Chinese beer. Except Chinese in this pub I noticed people from USA, 2 guys from Netherlands, few  guys from England with  few Chinese girls, 2 French girls…  After having few beers we visited some night clubs, where we continued to enjoy in beer and  party atmosphere. Logically most of people in clubs were Chinese but there was large number of other people from France, Russia, Tanzania, Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan.. But it isn’t important from which country you are. All of them in smaller or bigger groups more or less multiethnic were dancing, chilling out, speaking Simply people from all parts of world, different nations, races and religions unite here with aim to  socialize,  party together  and make friends. In one club interesting for me were 2 Chinese couples who were dancing actively without break like that each of them had 2l of Red. Funny was one middle-aged Pakistani man with moustache, with glass of whiskey in hand trying to flirt with two African women. It was same like in Bratislava you are chilling out with one friend or group of people with who you dealt to go out, while you by coincidence find another group of people and spontaneously you start to speak with them, drink or make new friends.  That’s how we ended on same table with 1 guy from Russia, 1 from Australia and one girl from Germany. I cannot clearly remember how we started discussion with this interesting crew, but I remember that Australian guy with enthusiastic voice called me and Xin to join them: “Come on, lets have a beer together, in a Harries Bar”.  As soon as we ordered beer we started with usual questions like: “Where are you from? What are you doing here? How long you are staying? How do you like it?”  Guy from Russia was surprisingly or not called Andrej. I am not sure if Lena or Lisa was name of 18 years old German girl and I cannot remember name of Australian guy of Malaysian origin. I knew that he had some Asian origin because of his appearance.  All of them were on some kind of Chinese learning programs . Andrej and Australian guy came here for 1 month  on courses of improving their knowledge of Chinese language while German girl came for preparations for entrance exams  on BLCU( Beijing Language and Culture University)- one of best  and most prestigious university which offers high quality studies of Chinese language.  All of them said that they enjoy being in China.  After usual formal discussion we started to make jokes and talk on more open topics like that we knew each other for years not  just 1 hour.  Australian guy was entertaining us with his funny stories.  German girl was speaking about cultural shock when she arrived to Beijing and how she had to get used with new roommates. Me and Andrej started to speak in Russian as I can speak Russian fluently. He told me that he is from St. Petersburg, that he is interested in  international relations and philosophy.  So we found common topics already and we spoke about world politics, war in Syria, Kosovo, intervention in Libya, problem in Palestine, Chinese economy and military power.  World is very small today I realized it again as again I met person with similar fields of interests as me.  But thing which made me to realize that world is even smaller than I thought is that he has girlfriend from Sofia.  Who would say that Russian student who I met in Beijing has girlfriend from Bulgaria, country where I lived 4 years. Andrej was there once  so we could speak about Sofia too. He even could speak Bulgarian a little.. Then they called waiter who had nickname Harry and introduced us to him. When he heard that I am from Serbia he told that he knows great Serbian tennis player “ Novak Djokovic”. I was proud to know that people associate Serbs with our amazing champion.  After so much jokes and fun it was time to go to have some sleep. It was already 3:30am. Various people from various countries were on street going in different directions to flats, dormitories and hotels. Some of them were going by walk and some were waiting for taxi. Street food sellers had a lot of customers as hungry people after exhausting partying had to eat some skewers or kebabs. 


I hope this inspires you to experience nights of Beijing so go there and write your own story.  TO BE CONTINUED BY END OF NEXT WEEK, enjoy China 😉



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