Thinking about a job in China?


So in that case you are thinking in right direction. China is a dream country for expats from any country in the world. I am not speaking this time about amazing culture, traditions, modern cities, shopping opportunities or large choice of entertainment. This time I am strictly speaking about professions that are mostly searched in China. Before that I will give you shortly economic picture of todays China. China is worlds second largest economy in terms of GDP. All of you have heard about rapid growth and changes that occurred since 1979.  There is much more to know about improvement of living standards, poverty reduction and unemployment rate. Currently in China average salary is 700euros. In largest cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Chengdu average salary is around 900euros. Maybe it doesn’t sound too much but for China it is quite well as costs of living are not too high if you choose to live an inexpensive life. For example a two room flat in Beijing can cost around 500euros per month. Still there is enough 400-500 to spend per month on other costs such as food, clothes, visiting pubs…

As a foreigner you can earn even much more, live in a bigger flat and save even more money. Job that is mostly searched is English teacher in elementary or high schools. Mostly are wanted native English speakers but also people with high level of proficiency can get such chance. China is a country that urgently needs very large number of population still doesn’t know English very good so in that case English teachers are always wanted. Salary is around 2500 euros. Good thing is also that often company that hires you can help you with visa or even pay you for accommodation. So basically except buying a ticket you don’t have to pay anything. Often you will have to rent a flat by yourself but as you saw don’t worry it isn’t expensive that much. If you are hired to be professor on some university your salary can be even around 3000euros.

Other important jobs that are frequently wanted are offered by various foreign and Chinese companies. So as a high senior accountant you can earn almost 3000euros per month. Often are wanted professionals in HR sector and you can earn also around 3000euros.  Sale representatives often earn 3000-3500 euros. Senior Marketing advisors can earn about 3000-3500eur.  Higher company managers earn around 4000-4500 euros.  IT specialists are highly welcome to join companies in China and earn around 3500 euros per month.  As an junior architect you can earn 2500 euros per month but as senior and well experienced one expect salary between 4000 and 5000 euros. Engineers are also very highly paid and earn between 4500 and 5000 euros monthly.

What are you waiting for? See these numbers. Air is not so polluted as it is often shown in media, people are friendly, food is great, opportunities for living nice life are great, entertainment, family life and traveling are more than amazing. Come to the east where sun rises and achieve your dream.




If you wish to study in China it is also a dreamland for every open, communicative and person with adventorous spirit. There are dozens of universities.

However fee isn’t small and can be between 4000 and 15000 euros annually. But if you cannot afford it by yourself but you are passionate about China there are possibilities of applying for scholarship for bachelor, master or even doctoral studies. Most of scholarships are available for Master and Doctoral studies. IF you get scholarship you will have monthly scholarship, accommodation and amazing life full of studies and enjoying in meeting various people not only from China but from all over the world and every continent.








Largest city of China, one of worlds main financial centers, large sea port, modern and cosmopolitan center of China. It is primarily modern city located on the east coast, with tall buildings, large avenues, very advanced infrastructure. There are no so many historical locations and its primary for those who love modern lifestyle.

  • Top Universities: . In Shanghai most famous universities are Fudan, East China Normal University, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Average month salary: 1200eur
  • Population: 23mln
  • Scenic spots: Bund, Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Nanjing Road




A capital a big financial,bussiness, cultural and educational center of China. When about jobs its simple jobs as of China you can find many foreign or Chinese companies.  Predominantly modern city but still has a lot of contrasts between developed and old poorer areas. Many places for sightseeing, leisure, dinning, nightlife, spending time in nature…


  • Top Universities: Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of Science and Technology, University of International Relations, University of Economic and Business, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing Language and Culture University and lastly  Renmin University of China
  • Population: 20mln
  • Average monthly income: 1270eur
  • Scenics spots of Beijing you can find in previous texts




Is very beautiful coastal city of PRC. Its is primarily modern city with very developed infrastructure such as roads, rails and bridges. It is hub of many national and international companies. It is located only 30min from Beijing by speed rail.

  • Top Universities: Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin Medical University,Tianjin Normal University
  • Average salary monthly: 950eur
  • Population: 15mln
  • Scenic spots: Da Bei Temple, Tianjin water park, Dule temple, Tianjin eye



Is a important coastal city in South Chinas Guandong province. It served as major port during history of China. Today Guangzhou is great opportunity for Chinese and foreigners and is one of major ports where import and export are done.

  • Population: 13mln
  • Top universities: Guangzhou University, Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies, Sun Yatsen University
  • Monthly income average: 950eur
  • Scenic spots: Baiyun mountain, Shamian Island, Temple of six Banyan Trees



Is a big city in Guandong Province. This city experienced fast development since beginning of 80ies when China started to open. Shenzhen was one of first cities that was open towards foreign trade during that period.It houses many domestic and foreign companies and has very rich and modern infrastructure. It is part of longest speed rail that connects Beijing and Shenzhen which is 3200km long and trip lasts only 8h.  This city is best for those who love modern cities, shopping,  enterprising rather than history and culture.

  • Population: 10mln
  • Top Universities: Shenzhen University, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Monthly income average: 985eur
  • Scenic spots: Happy world park, Splendid China Park



Is a real city for lovers of history and culture. It is one of most developed cities of China but with very rich history since in past it was capital of China for many times. Basically its great combination of old and modern so if you like it its perfect for you.

  • Population: 8lmn
  • Top Universities: Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Southeast University, Nanjing Medical University,
  • Scenic spots: Lingpu Temple, Massacre Memorial Hall, Sun Yatsen Mausoleum, Ming Tombs
  • Average monthly salary: 950eur




Since ancient times it was considered as one of most beautiful cities of China. There was a saying” Hangzhou is paradise on earth” mostly because of its amazing gardens.  Its outskirts are amazingly beautiful with hills and temples. In last 10-15 years it has experienced fast development and modernization If you are fan of greenery and good salary Hangzhou is place for you.

  • Population: 9mln
  • Top Universities: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Normal University
  • Scenic spots: Feilaifeng, West Lake, Yu Fei Temple, Lingyi Temple
  • Average monthly salary: 970eur




Is most developed city in Southwestern China. It is located in beautiful Sichuan province. This city is perfect if you love a year round relatively fine weather. In summer its usually too hot and wet with optimal springs.  Chengdu is one of oldest historical centers in China where you can find many temples and gardens. Also sacred Buddhist Mount Emei is not far from there. In last 10 years city experienced rapid development so its one of important cities in China. However because of rising income and because of relatively lower costs of living than in other cities it is amazing opportunity for you.

  • Population: 10mln
  • Top Universities: Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu University of Technology
  • Scenic Spots: Jinli, Chunxi Road, Erwang Temple, Wu Hou Shrine, Zhaojue Temple, Wangjiang Tower Park.
  • Average monthly salary: 860eur


Hong Kong:


 Is one of worlds biggest financial centers and most developed cities.

There is great chance for jobs and studies there and income is largest than in any other city of China but costs of life are much higher than in other cities.

  • Top Universities: The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Population: 7mln
  • Scenic Spots: Victoria Peak, Lantau Island, Po Lin temple, Tian Tan Buddha
  • Average monthly salary: 2100eur



s one of cities with cleanest air in China and most developed city in Northeastern China. It is located in Liaoning Province. Dalian is one of major ports of Yellow Sea. It experienced rapid development in last 20 years and thus is great opportunity for studying or working.

Population:  6.7mln

  • Top Universities: Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Medical University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University
  • Scenic Spots: Dalian Forest Zoo, Zhongshan Square, Bird Singing Woods, Coastal Sightseeing Point, Russo-Japanese prison
  • Average monthly salary: 850eur

Enjoy China and expect next article by end of next week, Happy new year 😉



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