I am Danilo Hinic and I am from Serbia. I am very passionate about China and I love China as my second home. Because of my father job I lived in Beijing between 1996 and 2001. I  went back to my country and travelled to many other countries but never forgot China.  I was dreaming to see country of his childhood again. After 12 years I came back to China and saw many differences because of Chinese economic boom. I was happy to see that China made progress but a bit sad that tradition is disappearing. However I found out that many things remained unchanged and discovered that even unchanged hutongs still remained the same as when he was a child. I wrote many stories about China for Chinese Guangming Daily and now I lead own blog about China where I  write about Chinese culture, customs, tradition, cuisine, nature and people. I  was in Beijing again in 2015 and one day he dreams to visit all China. In China I like  the most Chinese culture and people. My favorite places in Beijing  are hutongs, Beihai Park , Ritan Park, Sanlitun and suburban areas such as beautiful gardens of Xiangshan. My mission is to show to the world most beautiful things of China such as  Chinese traditional lifestyle and friendly people.




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http://en.gmw.cn/2015-03/27/content_19672264.htm  if you are interested in detailed story of my personal travel experience in China you can check this link and find 12 chapters published by Chinese online newspaper.